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Running at a high incline. This treadmill helps you improve your workouts, increase your power and burn more calories.

Make your workouts more intense with this unique system which gives you up to 20% incline and a maximum speed of 18km/h.

Intensify your workouts with a maximum speed of 18km/h and up to 20% incline

User comfort
Wide running deck suitable for long strides: 51 x 135 cm

40 pre-set programs that can be adjusted to your skill level

Treadmill compatible with the Domyos Econnected and Kinomap apps

Compact design
Fold-up treadmill

Assembly time
Takes 60 minutes for 2 people to set up

We offer complimentary build and assembly for this item.Our team of experts will assemble this item for you at home at no extra cost. Assembly is strongly advised due to the technicality of our items.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged. The following items are non-returnable:beauty, grooming, underwear, swimwear, earrings, candles and face masks.


Running on a treadmill lets you easily integrate training into your everyday activities.From weather to pollution and family life, overcome the obstacles that get in your way and reach your goals more easily!,


The Incline Run treadmill is the only one in the Domyos range that lets you train with an incline of up to 20%!This feature is a real asset for intensifying your workouts, developing your muscle strength and cardio fitness, and burning up to four times more calories than with a flat session!You can stay safe by holding on to the two handles over the console, even on a steep incline!,


Touchscreen console for simple, intuitive navigation that helps you get the most out of your training session.LED display showing the main functions duration, distance, calories, speed, incline and heart rate.The console also has- Remote control- Bluetooth sensor for connecting to the Domyos E-connected app on your tablet or smartphone.- two 5 watt speakers- jack (3.5 mm) and cable for listening to your own music over the speakers during your workout,


There are 40 programmes created by a Domyos coach that have been pre-set into the console based on four goals Well-being, calorie loss, endurance and interval training.Each programme has a specific profile, duration, speed and incline, and can easily be personalised to suit your level of fitness.For an even richer experience and to save your workouts, you can connect your treadmill to the Domyos E-Connected app.,


Get motivated, reach your goals, or just have fun by connecting your device to the compatible E-connected or Kinomap apps.With E-connected, you can set a weekly time, distance or calorie goal your performance is recorded and you can track your stats.With Kinomap, travel over real scenery in total synchronisation with your device. At your own pace or in challenge mode, alone or with the Kinomap community, you can have a unique experience.,


The Incline Run treadmill comes with a chest strap that lets you reliably track your heart rate during your workouts.Please consult your doctor before beginning or restarting any physical activity!A professional trainer can also help you determine the appropriate heart rate ranges so you can reach your fitness goals faster.,


The motor power of the Incline Run features 1.5 HP and 1120 watts.Its average energy consumption is 390 Watts (for a user weighing 90kg and running at a speed of 8 km/h),


The cushioning system on the Incline Run treadmill has been designed to give you good propulsion. Exercising on a treadmill is easier on your joints than exercising outside, on hard surfaces.,


Silence is an essential criterion that we carefully consider when developing our products. We strive to reduce the noise our treadmills make so they are more enjoyable for both users and those around them.The Incline Run by Domyos treadmill has been measured at 52 dB at a speed of 10 km/h without a user.To date it is the quietest treadmill in the Domyos treadmill range.,0


The Incline Run treadmill folds up to save space when not in use. When folded, you need just 72x89 cm of floor space to store it.It has been designed to be both compact and stable.To extend the life of your treadmill, store it in a dry place away from dust..The treadmill has two roller wheels so you can move it around easily.,1


Dimensions in use L 185 x W 89 x H 164 cmFolded dimensions L 85 x W 89 x H 164 cmTreadmill weight 102kgBoxed dimensions L 196 x W 96 x H 35 cmBox weight 113 kg,2


Visit our website https//support.decathlon.fr for- Find out about the warranty on your product- Mount, adjust or use your product- Resolve a technical issue- Download the instructions manual for your treadmill.,


Frame,Steel: 100
Backrest,Polystyrene: 75,Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free: 25
Board,Aluminium: 5,Steel: 35,Brass: 10,Copper: 40,Epoxy: 10
Packaging,Expanded Polystyrene: 10,Cellulose: 85,Polyethylene Terephtalate: 5

This is a large item and will be delivered by the store separately . You can schedule the delivery time and installation once the item vendor contacts you. Please note that the delivery of this item might take longer than the standard delivery time.

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6 اراء الزبائن
I cannot even get it started.
The skrewdriver that came with the treadmill does not fit the screws. The back cover for the main console is badly cut and cannot be attached. I bought it in the UK and it came with an European plug. I tried to get to customer service but the glitch on the website makes it in French. I have a very expensive piece of junk now and I would like it either sorted out or taken away.
Don’t buy !!!!
Good treadmill in general very sturdy !! but only had it a month & came up with a error code & it kept cutting out whilst on it ! got a treadmill I can’t use !!! sending it back and getting a refund I would have kept the treadmill if it had worked
I would give zero stars if I could. I am no completely fed up with Decathlon’s quality of products, original Domyos treadmill only lasted 3 years, having various faults before completely dying and needed to be replaced. Gutted with having to buy a whole new machine so soon. But I bought the top spec one to have more reliability. And it’s broken out of the box. Apart from scratch’s etc over it from factory, cut my arm on a sharp edge which wasn’t filled down and rust on several components. Turned it on to check operation and the belt catch’s, a lot, adjusting as per manual however to get it to run without the belt catching the bottom is over to the right and the top is over to the left. It’s completely miss aligned and not been set up correctly in the factory. On top of that there is no pre lubrication on the belt. To top it all off after sending photos and videos of the issues, sorting it out over 3 days, it’s now THREE WEEKS for an engineer to attend for a machine that’s not been used. Avoid all there treadmills at all costs.
เครื่องดีมาก ปรับความชันได้ถึง 20% เหมาะกับซ้อมเดินขึ้นเขามากๆ
Very Dissapointed
When turning my new treadmill on it showed an error code 'E15' meaning that the treadmill would not turn on. The left and right handles were also missing from the delivery send also the plug was not a UK plug, meaning I had to get an adapter. Very dissapointed in this level of service, on a substantial purchase.