Unique Size Cross Training Push-Up Bar Grips, Black

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Our teams designed these grips to prevent wrist pain when doing press-ups.

Tired of wrist pain when doing press-ups? Make doing press-ups more comfortable thanks to these ergonomic grips. Sold in pairs.

For press-ups with a wide or narrow hand position.

Compact design
The grips can be staked to take up less space.

Non-slip grip for good stability.


Press-ups are a great way to strengthen the chest, deltoid and tricep muscles. They are easy to add to any workout and don't require any ial equipment. The drawback is that doing press-ups with your hands on the ground can cause wrist pain. Using press-up grips can help eliminate the pain.Our Push-Up Bar Grips make the movement more effective and comfortable by relieving pressure on your wrists and elbows.

How to use your Push-Up Bar Grips

The use of Push-Up Bar Grips will raise your hands off the ground and increase your range of movement.Everyone's bodies are different while some people will get a better stretch and a more intense effect for their chest muscles, others may not find this comfortable.To avoid injury, be careful not to exaggerate the range of motion.

Complementary products

To increase the intensity of your press-ups, wear a weighted vest or use our resistance bands.Weighted vests mean you have more weight to lift, while resistance bands make coming back up more challenging.s4


Product (one grip)Length 19 cmWidth 11 cmHeight 7 cmSold in pairss5


Not sure where to start, or how to maintain the right posture? Our design team has developed a coaching service to help guide you. Check out the link below for various exercises you can do with our Push-Up Bar Grips.http//videos.domyos.fr/exos/PUSH-UP-BARS/EXERCICE-POMPE-AVEC-LE-PUSH-UP-BARS-49a7af3a04.htmls6

Sold in pairs.


Handle,Polypropylene: 90%,Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene: 10%

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