حذاء رحلات سفاري للرجال 500، بني شاحب، مقاس 42 أوروبي

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Co-designed with a group of trekking enthusiasts, these boots are for walking on RUGGED TRAILS with maximum grip and safety.

The shoes are made with highly durable materials and assemblies.

Waterproof and breathable membrane for all-round use whatever the conditions.

CROSSCONTACT sole for a better grip and traction on hard and wet ground.

2 upper hooks and 1 blocker hook for properly supporting the ankle.

Foot motion
Flexible sole that supports the motion of the foot – ideal for easy terrain.

646آ g per shoe in size 8.

Durable and high-performance PU midsole.

Footwear waterproofing test.

These boots, which have been laboratory and field tested, are equipped with a waterproof that provides optimum waterproofing and breathability. To start, the footwear is immersed in water with pressurised air inside to check that no bubbles form on the surface of the boot. Next, shoes are fitted to a mechanical arm that simulates walking, half immersed in water so we can test that the inside remains perfectly dry.,

3 levels of waterproofing.

In our waterproofing tests, we test 3 levels of waterproofing2000 flexions (approximately 4 km walk)4000 flexions (approximately 8 km walk)8000 flexions (approximately 16 km walk).Naturally, when the product has dried after this test or in use, it regains its original waterproofing.,

Footwear waterproof rating.

The TREK 500 boot has passed the waterproofing test involving 8000 flexes, i.

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Perfect boots
These leather boots replaced a special comfortable pair of boots bought in the Lake District and used for 30 years. I have bought others from other shops but they only lasted for a couple of months. These Trek500 leather boots ARE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. They were a snug fit when I first got them and within a few weeks of wearing them on an off they fit perfectly are very comfortable. At last Ive found a true replacement to my old faithful boots. I would say these boots are my best purchase. I definitely recommend these boots.
Wet feet
Feet get went in them
Lovely boots
Really nice tough boots that are very comfortable when broken in properly. I have been super happy with them. However after two years of moderate hiking the grip is getting low and one of the eyelets is starting to come out. So I am very sad as they are now super comfy. Good boots for the money.
Waterproof, comfort. Not resoleable.
Pair#2.5. Loved these boots. Blew a hook but replaced them with no drama. Wore one pair flat and bought another. Current pair are now smooth on the bottom from urban walking. But still comfortable breathable and waterproof. Amazing value. If only they were resolable.
Awesome boots, nothing like them at this price!
I bought these boots less than a year ago and they have been fantastic. Comfy from the first wear, breaking in not required. Fully waterproof. I took care of them at the start, used nikwax aqueous wax etc but have not done so for the last 6 months and they look beautifully weathered but NO leaking whatsoever, fully waterproof. They could do with a new pair of laces though! I wear them daily walking the dog and also hike frequently in the Mourne Mountains which are granite and harsh and they have stood up to it all. HOWEVER, the fab grippy sole is now totally worn down and now grippy in mud so I am going to get a new pair. If you work out the cost per wear they are well worth it and look a lot better than other boots at double the price. My last pair of boots, meindl Burma pro were as comfy but MUCH heavier and the sole fell off after 3 years! I will keep buying these, the only sacrifice is the sole wear. If you were in only softer muddy terrain and not so much paths and asphalt they would last a long time. Well done decathlon.