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2 Year Warranty Included

Our team of fellow paddlers developed this touring stand-up paddleboard for half-day trips for beginners below 60 kg.

A light, stable and easy-to-use inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) for users below 60 kg, for cruising or surfing small waves.

Width (29), thickness (5), length (9')Designed for users under 60 kg

Compact design
Dimensions when folded in bag (81x40x16cm). Inflates to 15 PSI in 4 minutes.

Glide performance
Versatile pointed shape suitable for cruising and small waves

Robust and impact-resistant glued PVC & drop stitch construction.

Easy transport
7kg. Easy to carry to water for launching, or in a backpack.

User comfort
Foam deck for comfort and grip.

Ideal for one person only under 60 kg.Maximum load: 190 kg

Recommended user weight Maximum load

Recommended user weightLess than 60 kg ideal board for easily starting out.60 to 80 kg board for intermediate paddlers only. We recommend the larger size (10')More than 80 kg We recommend the larger size (11')Maximum load 190 Kg.To guarantee good stability and glide along the water, we recommend conforming with the maximum weight of 60 kg and only one person on the board.,

Inflating & deflating the Stand-Up Paddleboard

INFLATIONMake sure the valve's orange button is up (closed), by pressing on it.Connect the pump.Inflate to 15 PSI.The more inflated the SUP, the more stable it is and the better its movement.Disconnect the pump and close the outer plug.DEFLATIONFirmly push the valve's orange button to let the air out. Do not put your face near and stay back.Roll, starting from the opposite side to the valve to remove all the ai

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6 اراء الزبائن
Good value SUP
Impressively rigid given it’s pretty light weight. I predominantly purchased this for my 10 year old son because mine is 10ft 6 and a bit much for him to manoeuvre. He handles this one with ease and I have used it a bunch of times and it happily supports my 8.5 stone adult weight. More nimble than my big board so will be quite fun to ride. Would recommend.
Small iSUP that can be Surfed!
I bought this as a second board, I wanted a small board for surfing. Decathlon has surf specific iSUPS but they are not available in Canada yet. Bring them to Canada pls! So they recommend this board for people under 60 kgs / 132 lbs, with wetsuit, boots, gloves, I weight about 140-145 lbs. I have no issues with using this board but I do have some experience with surfing and flatwater SUPing. If you are just starting out, you are probably better off with one of their larger boards, as when I measure the width of this board it's just under 29", which makes it very tippy if you aren't used to paddle boarding. Performance on flat water is great, nothing outstanding but it moves along and tracks nice, for surfing it's really good compared to larger SUPs. I've performed some small maneuvers with this board and the single fin makes it pivot nicely. Also because it's so light and being 5" thick you can really throw this board around on the wave face. The quality of this board is great, I like the backpack that comes with it, the leash is solid but it should be a coil leash and not a straight leash as the majority of people who buy this board will probably be using it for flatwater. You will need to buy a pump and paddle, which after you add the cost of those items you are coming up to the price of an entry level kit from other vendors. Overall I really like this board and the size and weight is what I was looking for to use it for surfing. But I think even the 60 kg recommended weight is a bit high unless you have good balance and have some experience with paddling, I think if you are under 50 kg this board is perfect.
Amazing value!
I took this board out for the first time yesterday and I was very impressed! It was easy to inflate and paddle around. I was out for almost 2 hours. I am a beginner-intermediate paddler just over 50kg and this was perfect! Can’t recommend enough. I bought the paddle and pump separately and the pump worked perfectly with this board as well. I think this board is just as good as any other inflatable under $1000.
Good starter board for child
Light weight, maneuverable, bought for a 9 year old and is just right, 12 year old uses too, but user definitely needs to be sub 50kg. Ideal for flat waters, which is where you would user it when starting out, not sure why they would include a straight leash, a poor unsound and unsafe choice. Unless your going surfing bin it, and get a coiled leash minimum. Also no d rings so if you want to stow anything like a bottle you'll have to get someone else to carry it or glue on some, plenty of d ring kits online! When you add in the cost of a paddle and a pump it doesn't seem like good value, the board doesn't feel particularly robust and you are now approaching the value of a board with all the kit. I already have a board so no need for another pump, but I am disappointed about the leash. Despite it's flaws a great time was had using this board!
Stand up paddle board
Seems really good and my son loves it