خوذة التزلج على الجليد للدراجات البخارية م.ف 500، وردي فاتح، مقاس 52-55 سم

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The Oxelo design team has developed this helmet to keep you comfy and safe on your skates, skateboard or scooter.

When falling is all part and parcel of your sport, a helmet is more than just an accessory. A helmet for protecting your head during intense rides.

The helmet's shape and 3D adjustment dial keep it stable.

Height and depth adjustable thanks to the 3D dial. Ponytail hole.

Size S = 340 g, M = 400 g, L = 455 g.

12 vents with air channels for air circulation.

Impact protection

Full-coverage style suited to skating on asphalt (neck and ear protection), polystyrene structure and ABS outer shell. Complies with EN 1078 standard.,


Comfort foam pieces.Buckle that can be fastened and released with one hand. Adjustable dividers. Turn ring with height adjustment to fit more snugly.,

MF 500 helmet sizes and weights

Available in 3 sizes S = 52/55cm (340g), M =55/59cm (400g), L = 59/62cm (455g).,

Certified compliant with standard EN 1078.

European standard defining the test requirements and methods for helmets destined for use by inline skating, skateboarding, scootering and cycling users. The corresponding test requirements and methods cover the following aspects construction, including field of vision; shock absorption properties; specifications of the restraint system, including the chin strap and tig

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15 اراء الزبائن
Good helmet for the small headed adults amongst us
I bought a bike and it seems I have the same size head as most toddlers and adult helmets do not fit me, so that's strange. Bike helmet companies don't seem very good at catering for the pea heads of the world, like me, but I wanted to make sure my head was protected when I took my bike out so picked up this helmet. I might seek out a proper cycle helmet but for now this seems like a good solution to protect my noggin and it fits well, snug around the head and the chin.
Excellent helmet
I took a big fall trying to skate down a ramp. The back of my head landed on its metal edge as I was trying to drop down, extremely hard impact. Briefly blacked out, mild concussion. Helmet has about 1 and a half inch crack where the impact happened. Almost certain I’d be dead/paralysed if I wasn’t wearing it. Will be ordering a replacement.
Great all rounder for kids
Nice design, and versatile for different sports.
Value for money.
The helmet fits nicely with the quality and features of expensive helmets. It’s lighter too, which is the most important thing for me (heavy helmets affected my skateboarding). At the price point, it’s really great. Could improve on the comfort and colourway though.
Scooter helmet
Very comfortable, my 4-year old loves it.