عبوة من 8 + 2 براغي، 8 فواصل، 16 فواصل خارجية لمحاور إطار بلاستيكي 8 مم

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Replace your worn or broken axles with this full set compatible with the Fit100, Fit3 adult and Oxelo Street 5 inline skates.

Full set of screws, outer-spacers and spacers for maintaining Oxelo plastic-framed inline skates with 8mm axles.

Oxelo plastic frame inline skates with 8mm axles.

Set includes

8 x 8mm diameter screws for Oxelo inline skates with plastic frames (Fit 3 adult, Fit100, Street5). 2 screws 0.4mm longer for the axle with the brake.8 spacers and 16 outer-spacers.,

What are spacers for

On ALL skates the spacers prevent the 2 bearings from getting squeezed towards the inside due to the pressure of the screws. They also improve glide performance and increase the equipment's lifespan (since the screw comes into contact, across its entire length, with the bearings, spacers and frame).On CERTAIN skates the spacers allow you to change the diameter from 8 mm (diameter of the bearings) to 6 mm (diameter common to many skate screws).,


Screws,Polypropylene: 5,Stainless Steel: 95

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Oxelo bolts and nuts
Excellent products for diy projects, uncle here not a roller skate guy but keen on making devices and small machines using these stuff :)