2-In-1 Sleeping Bag Mh500 15 Degree Celsius XL, Dark Petrol Blue

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Unfold, sleep! Our designers developed this extremely comfortable 2-in-1 sleeping solution in record time and with minimum bulk.

Compact structure thanks to the open-cell mattress and 2-in-1 system. Duvet and mattress can be twinned, the ideal companion for your couple weekends. Ready for a 4-star night?

Compact design
Dimensions: H 36 cm أƒثœ 28 cm / Volume 22LWeight 2.7 kg

Ease of use
2-in-1 solution: Integrated mattress and sleeping bag. No pump required.

5-year product warranty and repairable.Bi-ton component.

Optimum temperature
Comfort temperature 15أ‚آ°C, limit temperature 12أ‚آ°C

Sleeping quality
60 x 195 x 3.5 cm. Open-cell mattress to provide both comfort and compactness

All Sleepin Beds can be twinned, whatever the side of the temperature in أ‚آ°C.

Directions For Use/Set-Up

We Recommend You Unpack And Unroll You Sleepin Bed As Soon As You Arrive In Camp. Open The Zip That Keeps The Product Folded In Two And Lay It Flat, Then Leave The In Valve Open For Around 10 Minutes To Make Inflation Easier. Inflation Is Topped Up By Mouth. To Check If The Inflation Level Is Correct, Once Seated On It You Should Be Able To Lightly Feel The Ground Underneath. Once The Mattress Is Inflated, It Will Be Easy To Zip On Your Duvet.,

Directions For Use/Folding For Storage

Open The Out Valve On The Sleepin Bed Then Open Fully The Zips On Each Side Of The Duvet. Fold The Product In Two With The Duvet Inside And Fasten The Mattress Zips Together.Part The Head And Roll Towards The Feet Applying Pressure On The Mattress In Order To Deflate. Tip Use Your Knees To Gradually Apply Pressure On The Mattress To Deflate.,

Use Temperature<

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