حذاء الرحلات الجبلية تريك 500 للسيدات، رمادي، مقاس 36 أوروبي

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These boots, which have been co-designed with female trekking enthusiasts, provide maximum support and safety for RUGGED TRAILS

the TREK 500 boot has a sole that allows the foot to roll through more freely, while being more rigid than the TREK 100. Its full-grain leather upper offers support and great durability.

The boots are made with highly durable materials and assemblies.

Waterproof and breathable membrane for all-round use whatever the conditions.

CROSSCONTACT sole for a better grip and traction on hard and wet ground.

2 top hooks & 1 blocking hook - sole combining good strike & motion of the foot.

Foot motion
Flexible sole to favour the motion of the foot, ideal for easy terrains.

600آ g per boot in size 6.

Durable and high-performance PU midsole.

Footwear waterproofing test.

Tested in laboratory and in use, these boots, equipped with a Waterproof , will ensure optimal waterproofing and breathability. First, the boot is immersed in water while internal air pressure is applied to check that no bubbles form on the surface of the footwear. Next, the boots are fitted to a mechanical arm that simulates walking and half-immersed in water so we can test that the inside remains perfectly dry.,

3 levels of waterproofing.

In the waterproofing test, we test 3 levels of waterproofing2000 flexions (approx. 4 km walk), 4000 flexions (approx. 8 km walk) 8000 flexions (approx. 16 km walk).Of course, after this test or use, as soon as the product is dry, the shoe regains its original waterproof properties.,

Footwear waterproof rating.

The TREK 500 W boot has passed the waterproofing test involving 8000 flexes, i.e

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15 اراء الزبائن
They rub really bad!
I’ve worn these boots a few times now hoping each time they’ll soften up a bit more but no luck. I’ve just got really bad blisters! They are waterproof but that about all they’ve got going for them.
Reliable hiking boots and great value
I’ve had mine for more than 3 years and have done lots of hiking in the Pyrenees and the Alps, scrambling in the Anti-Atlas, walking in the sandy Wadi Rum desert, as well as some trekking in Iceland and countless wet and muddy hikes in the UK. They never let me down and keep my feet dry and comfortable. They are now slowly coming to an end of their life so I’ll probably be buying another pair soon!
Great boots!
I've just purchased a new pair of these boots. My old pair is over 2 years old and has been worn on many hikes in Britain and The Alps. I have not particularly looked after my boots and only rubbed some dubbin on the leather once. I have also dried them near the fire on a few occasions, which isnt usually considered to be good for the leather, but they still never let me down. I found the boots very comfortable from the beginning and for me they never needed breaking in. The fit isn't as narrow as some of the other decathlon boots, which is good when your feet are slightly wider. The boots have always been waterproof. The only times my feet got wet is when I have stood in calf deep bog and the water ran in through the top or when it rained so much that the water ran in via my ankles and I wasn't wearing waterproofs. Neither of these examples is a problem with the actual boot of course. The boots have a decent grip. I have walked on wet and hard terrain and found them to have good grip. In the snow the grip was excellent too. Not so much on icy surfaces but other boots would have the same issue. I wore these boots during a rodelling (toboggan) session down an Austrian mountain whilst on a skiing holiday, which understandably reduced the grip. Overall this is a fantastic walking boot and I would highly recommend! I really battered my shoes and they held up very well.
Oww! My little toes!
I had to take these back, I tried to break them in. Walked round town a few times, then a 14 mile hike and a week later a 16 mile walk. I don't know how I got through the 14 mile one. The pain in my little toes was unreal. The nails went black on both. I packed the shoes out afterwards with newspaper around the little toe area to stretch the leather too. The 16 mile walk I put blister pads on, I waa prepared but yet again, absolute ridiculous pain in the little toe area. I had to return them. It's a shame, I think they are just too narrow. I do not have wide feet either. I had Brasher's for 15 years, no blisters, no pain. Fit like a glove. I think I learned a lesson, get your boots from specialist outdoor footwear maker
False claims
Product advertised as highly waterproof but walking in short wet grass for 10 mins and my socks were wet! Back to the shop with them. Waste of money