جاكيت رجالي بسحاب للمشي في المطر - ن.هــ. 100، أسود، مقاس L

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Our hiking designers developed this NH100 Raincut Full Zip rain jacket for your occasional walks in the forest or on the coastA back-up solution in case of rain

This walking raincoat provides waterproof rain protection that you can take anywhere: lightweight, compact and breathable and can be stored in its pocket!

2000 mm rated waterproof coating | Main seams taped | Hood

Easy transport
2 pockets|The right-hand pocket has a Velcro strip for storing the jacket inside

Eco-designed raincoat made from recycled polyester fibre

Ventilation areas on the upper back, the air flows to reduce condensation

Hydrophilic coating RET=12: reduces condensation in the clothing

Ease of use
Adjustable hood and waist with elastic cords.

Lightweight, compact raincoat | Weight: 275 g in size L

The fabric of this jacket has a waterproof rating of 2000mmThis jacket has been validated in a shower test under 60l of water/m�/h for 1h it protects you from a small downpour, i.e. 6cm of rain in 1hWe measure a fabric's resistance to water pressure expressed in terms of the height of a water column in mm (the ISO 811 standard)The higher the water pressure, the more waterproof the fabricA component with a waterproof rating of 2,000mm can withstand the pressure exerted by a 2,000mm water column.

Our product's fabric is extremely breathable - 12 TER The breathability of a component is measured by its Thermal Evaporative Resistance. This is its capacity to let out water vapour produced by the body during activity. The lower the Thermal Evaporative Resistance (TER), the higher the breathability of the fabric.


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