At 7 Mountain Bike Tyre - 29X2.10 - Tubeless Ready

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This long-sleeved mountain bike jersey has been designed and developed for all-mountain bike riding. A versatile item of clothing to take with you riding.

Not only does it offer you great performance and great versatility, it also comes at a great price too.

For 29 inner tubes and wheels.

Excellent grip on all types of terrain with the aggressive V-shaped lugs.

Puncture resistance
Light skinwall sidewalls, flex bead and 60 TPI for a more comfortable ride.

The width (2.10) and the low-profile lugs offer excellent performance.

865 g. Flex bead.

Mounting the tyre without an inner tube requires the use of a liquid sealant.

How to measure tyre wear

To measure the wear on your tyres and to know when they need replacing, you need to inspect the tread.The tread is in direct contact with the terrain you are cycling on and therefore has a direct influence on the tyre's performance.A tyre needs to be changed when the centre knobs are worn down to the same height as the side knobs.

How to remove a tyre

To remove your tyre, first deflate the inner tube until no more air comes out. Once deflated, use a tyre lever to remove the tyre from the rim.

How to fit a tyre

To put the tyre back on, place one side of the tyre into the bottom of the rim. Next, inflate your inner tube to approximately 30% before putting it into the tyre (inflating it beforehand reduces the risk of pinching the inner tube).Then, place the other side of the tyre into the rim, starting on the side opposite the valv

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6 اراء الزبائن
bad product
its not good after 1 month tire release the sealent from side walls
Excellent product
I have been using with an inner tube but are capable with tubeless. I will change my front tyre next month.
quality not good
though the product looks good, the rubber quality is poor and quite thin. I purchased the tubeless tire to use it on offroad, but within the first 4 usage on the road only the tyre punctured twice. After showing my dissatisfaction to a nearby decatlhon representative they themselves told me that tubeless tires are not successful and I better put a puncture resist tape and use it with a tube.
Cheap tubeless tyres. Not a good buy
I bought these a few months ago as a trial of tubeless conversion on my MTB wheels. They went inflated easily on the rims just using a track pump, and stayed inflated with the appropriate tubeless sealant & rim tape. However only a few months into owner ship, and tears started to occur between the tread blocks and the tyre carcass, leading to a hole which the tubeless sealant started pouring out of... Not even a couple of 100km on the tyres, and they are fit for the bin...
Emergency purchase
Did the job oK