EU 36-39 Adjustable Scuba Fins With Elastic Strap Scd 500 Oh, Deep Navy Blue

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Our Subea team has developed a pair of fins for intermediate divers looking for fins that are very easy to put on, solid, and offer strong propulsion.

A pair of adjustable diving fins with elastic bungee strap, they fit on very quickly with booties. Its fin with a central channel makes it very comfortable to swim with.

Rigid side ribs.Bi-material blade with flexible channel

HARD: Hard finning with a mid-length blade

Bungee elastic strap makes them quick to put on. Adjustable length.

Side wings for stability regardless of the kicking technique.

Performance And Power

At Subea, We Developed A Fin Robot. This Robot Is A Test Bench That Measures What The Fin Renders In Terms Of Propulsion, Thus What It Requires In Terms Of Energy From The Diver. We Can Therefore Deduce The Efficiency Of A Fin.We Use This Robot Throughout Our Product Development To Correlate Our Feedback In Use To A Scientific Measurement.Each Fin Prototype Is Tested Until We Obtain The Product That Meets Our Expectations.

Foot Pocket

The Part Of The Fin Where The Foot Is Placed.The Scd 500 Oh Fin'S Foot Pocket Has Been Developed To Hug The Foot Without Digging In Or Causing Discomfort During Use. With Your Foot Held Perfectly In Place, There Is No Loss Of Energy From The Foot Moving Inside The Foot Pocket. This Optimises The Transfer Of Energy From The Legs When Finning.


The Flat Part Of The Fin That Helps To Generate The Thr

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Blades a bit long and heavy
also, the adjustable straps can come off so take care to secure before dives
ไซส์ปรับได้ แต่ตัวล็อคค่อนข้างปรับยาก โดยรวมถือว่าคุ้ม
Excellent performance and value for money
Took these out for 20 dives in warm water (29-31deg) in medium current and they performed better than expected! Bungee cords were very secure in vigorous finning, the fins had enough flex to allow small movements in no current, but tough enough to really propel in strong current. At 1.35kg these fins travelled well under baggae weight restrictions too. Love the reassurance that bungee replacements were also available from Decathlon. Excellent product! Makes me look forward to the next gen of fins developed by Subea.
I was using these for 4 days dive in anilao batangas. It is very comfortable.The good thing about this fin is it is very stable and easy to maneuver. The blade is soft and doesnt require a lot of strength to finning. Great quality without breaking the bank.