قناع الغوص ومجموعة الغطس من أدلت للأطفال س.ن.ك 500، أزرق بترولي، مقاس 42-43 أوروبي

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Our team has created this kit containing fins, a mask and snorkel for adults who are just starting to snorkel. It allows you observe underwater life.

A snorkelling kit consisting of fins, a mask, and a snorkel, sold with a bag for easy transport. Enjoy your aquatic meanderings!

Ease of use
Small blade makes it easier for the fin to penetrate the water on the surface.

Easy breathing
A valveless snorkel adapted to the adult user's morphology

An unbreakable lens for your safety thanks to polycarbonate.

Easy dressing
The foot pocket is flexible. It is pliable to let the foot pass through easily.


The skirt is the soft part in contact with your face. The silicone rim conforms to the shape of your face, creating a watertight seal.The polycarbonate glass is shatterproof. But it is prone to scratching.,


Its mouthpiece was specially designed and makes it one of the most comfortable snorkels for the mouth.With its comfortable mouthpiece and the correct size of the snorkel, you can breathe safely.,


The fin's shoe pocket can be completely closed, like in full-foot fins, or open with an adjustable strap, like in adjustable fins.The flat part of the palm, called the blade, is short to provide you power in your movements.,

How to store your fins

A little tip The fins can be clipped together (clips on the toe of each fin) to make carrying easier.,


Mask and snorkel certified compliant with safety requirem

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Poor quality
Very poor quality hard plastic used it’s of no use
Mid range product, good for beginners. If you want to save money, go for it. Fins are a little bit short but mask quality is good and effective.
Excellent for sparing use
This is a great snorkelling kit and comes with a compact bag. If you are someone who is planning to carry their own equipment for snorkelling during vacations, this is perfect for you. The fins are a little smaller in size but good for use in lagoons and reefs.
Good products.
Nice and cofortable.
Easy to carry around bag ready for snorkeling on a different Caribbean beach each day of my cruise. Didn't need to use the flippers, though they fitted me well. Pleased I bought in advance and they fitted easily in my case.