قناع الغطس الزجاجي من تيمبي للكبار س.ن.ك. 520 هازي، أخضر، مقاس S

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The ideal mask for enjoying snorkelling and experiencing their 1st submersions in the water. All of the benefits for a lower price.

Explore underwater life with our snorkelling mask. It's solid and comfortable, with anti-scratch treated glass.

Field of vision
field of vision measured for a size M

Better vision and scratch resistance thanks to the single-lens tempered glass.

Easy dressing
Fabric strap that doesn't pull out hair. Built-in snorkel clip.

Anatomic design
Comfortable & waterproof thanks to silicone skirt. Mobile adjustable tube strap

Internal volume
A smaller internal volume makes submerged descents easier


For children from 6 to 10 years, we recommend size S. From the age of 10, size M is recommended for thin faces and size L covers larger faces.,


Silicone is an extremely flexible material. A silicone skirt conforms gently to the contours of the face, creating a watertight seal.,

Tempered glass lens (sizes M & L), polycarbonate lens (size S)

Tempered glass is two to five times more durable than traditional glass. It is more scratch resistant than a polycarbonate lens. In case of a major shock, it breaks into small pieces, reducing the risk of a major accident. For the safety of children, size S is of polycarbonate.,


Mask certified compliant with safety requirements according to European EN 16805 standard. 2015. Certified by the INPP (French professional diving institute).,

0% PVC

This mask contains no conta

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15 اراء الزبائن
I decided to purchase this item as I've seen this product being used by my friends. But this product didn't withstand the burning procedure of glass . Glass completely shattered while doing the procedure. Must be an manufacturing defect as I've done the same procedure on same product and used it several times must say product is good I just received a defective product . Return was initiated quickly so will update asap.
bon produit
parfait comme masque de plongée.
Bought as cheap snorkeling mask but end up scooba
Great suction very comfortable, incredible deal for money! Bought as cheap snorkeling mask end up 26 m scuba dive.
Good first mask
Good beginners mask
Dangerous product! very cheap glass!
This mask was used less that a week before the glass shattered in my son's face when he jumped into the pool with it! Words cannot express how angry and disappointed we are in this dangerous product. The tempered glass is obviously of very very poor quality, and can shatter in a child's face! We were lucky his eyes were closed when this happened and we avoided the worst, so cleaning bits of glass from my pool floor was a much better scenario than having to take a child to the emergency room with shattered glass in his eyes!! Don't buy this mask, it's is cheap and dangerous!!