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If you fall overboard you will be visible from afar and for 10 hours!

This flashing light activates automatically when the cord is in contact with water. Combined with a life jacket, it greatly increases the chances of survival if you fall in the water.

Twinkling light makes it easier to be seen at sea.

Ease of use
Activates automatically upon contact with water test + ON / OFF button test

Lifespan: 5 years. Continuous use time: 10 hours.


Run time = 10 hoursBattery life = 5 yearsThe battery cannot be replaced.The battery cannot be charged.,


Thanks to its sensor (sensor at the end of the black wire) the torch turns on when it comes into contact with water, or by the press of a button (ON/OFF)The remote sensor turns the torch on when the bottom of the jacket comes into contact with water.To stop the flashing light, simply press the ON/OFF button on the body of the light.,

Attaching the light to a life vest.

We recommend attaching the light to your life vest prior to departure.For a self-inflating life vest- Open your jacket to see the inflatable bladder- Clip the light onto one of the straps at the top of the life vest (chest) so it will be above water when you are in the water.- Let the sensor at the end of the cord hang down; this will activate the light upon contact wi

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