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Redefine comfortable sitting with Vluv. Suitable for work and any other settings, Vluv Seating Balls give you optimal comfort while caring for your back. Not only are they seating products, they also serve as exercise balls for targeted training; and gorgeous lifestyle products that enhance any interior space. Above all, Vluv’s seating solutions promote back health naturally. Vluv is the world’s first brand to focus on covered seating balls, bringing you a unique two-in-one healthy seating solution for your work space and exercise routine. Discover the range of Vluv Seating Balls at Azadea UAE now and elevate your work environment and fitness training.


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Discover the Vluv Leiv, an iconic seating and exercise ball designed in bold colors that make a statement in your office or home. Made of canvas-like polyester fabric, the Vluv Leiv ball ensures total comfort and smoothness whether you’re working or exercising. The Vluv Leiv makes for fluffy, cozy, and warm seating for your workspace or home. The Vluv Leiv is made of soft yet sturdy, rub resistant upholstery polyester fabric that stops the ball from rolling away easily. It also comes with a smart handle for easy movement with one hand.


Available in our range as well is the Vluv Veel seating ball, made of breathable, sturdy and innovative antique synthetic leather that adds a chic twist to this playful product. All Vluv Seating Balls have been certified as "Ergonomic Product" by the German institute IGR. So you get a hybrid ergonomically correct seating and back training solution. Whether you need a new addition to your training equipment, or more comfortable seating for work, Vluv will serve as your exercise ball and favorite seat. Browse the range of Vluv Balls online at Azadea UAE today.

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