Awraq Shamoun Al Masri | Osama Al Shazly

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This is the conclusion of what was written by "Simon bin Zachary", nicknamed Shimon the Egyptian, about the news of the Children of Israel in the wilderness of Sin, and what happened to them from the time they crossed the sea until the death of Musa bin Imran. I know that I did not write on these parchments except one of two things, a matter that I witnessed with my own eyes or a matter that I heard from a trustworthy man. And the Lord (El) testified that I did not seek glory or honor with this book, but rather to show my testimony to a generation of the people of Israel, whom God chose and saved by a miracle from its enemy, then became angry at him and destroyed him in that desolate wilderness, after he tasted the misery of travel and the bitterness of wandering. This is a book I do not know who will be reading it, so whoever you are, I hope that you will remember the writer of these chapters with mercy and pray for his forgiveness."
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