Grip 2 Tr190 Lite Adults' Tennis Racket - White - White

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Our design team developed this racket for tennis players looking for a very light racket.

This very light, versatile tennis racket offers easy handling and comfort during play. It was designed in partnership with our qualified instructors.

very easy to handle at only 260g

Vibration dampening
100% graphite to make it very comfortable.

with its large 660 cmآ² head and head-heavy balance


Its weight (260g) makes swinging and manoeuvring the head of the racket easier.For your information- Less than 260g lightweight rackets, for comfort and easy handling.- 260 to 295g classic rackets (intermediate) for versatility.- 300 to 315g rackets for players who already have good technique and need more powerful strokes and precision.- 315g rackets for top-level competitors.


The stiffness rating (RA) of 68 greatly improves this racket's power. The stiffer the frame, the shorter the contact time you lose some control but gain in power.- Stiff frame > 64 – 66 RA- Soft frame < 64 – 66 RA.


The racket's 660 cmآ² head provides a very large comfortable surface sweet spot to hit the ball. The racket is more forgiving of centring errors, though the trade-off is a little less accuracy. This racket is much more forgiving.For more information on head sizes- Midsize – small head size < 625 cmآ²- Mid plus – standard head size 626 - 677 cmآ²- Oversize – large head size 678 – 742 cmآ²- Super oversize – very large head size > 742 cmآ²s4


The TR190 Lite is easy to swing and handle and very versatile with its 35 cm balance point. You will find it easier to swing the tennis racket and send the ball exactly where you want it.


Racket frame,Carbon Fiber: 55%,Epoxy: 45%
Racket handle,Polyurethane: 100%
Racket string,Polyamide: 100%
Bumper grommet,Polyamide 6: 100%
Grip,Polyurethane: 100%
Racket end cap,Polyamide: 100%

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