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Grip 3 Pure Aero Adult Tennis Racket - Yellow, Yellow

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This racket was designed for advanced tennis players looking for spin.

This racket was designed for advanced tennis players looking for spin.

FSI Spin Technology and Aeromodular frame

This racket's weight (300 g) and round 625 cm?�?� head favour powerful shots.

Carbon Ply Stabilizer technology provides greater stability.

Vibration dampening
The Cortex Pure Feel material offers a softer feel on impact.


300 grammesTo give you an idea- Less than 260g lightweight rackets, for comfort and easy handling.- 260 to 295g classic rackets (intermediate) for versatility.- 300 to 315g rackets for players who already have good technique and need more powerful strokes and precision.- 315g rackets for top-level competitors.


32 cm

Head size

645 cmآ²s4


71 RaStiff frame > 64 – 66 RA.Soft frame < 64 – 66 RA.The stiffer the frame, the shorter the contact time you lose some control but gain in power.s5


An inertia of 324 (strung racket) prevents the frame from distorting during fast swings, delivering power and precision.Further information The higher the inertia, the harder the racket is to manoeuvre, but the greater the power.s6

FSI Spin Technology

FSI Spin Technology Open string pattern and oblong Spin grommets positioned at the top and bottom for a catapult effect and better spin.s7


Aerodynamic frame with a bumper and grommets and an optimised design to increase the racket head speed for more spin.s8

Carbon Ply Stabilizer

New generation high-performance carbon fibres for more control and stability on each shot.s9

Cortex Pure Feel

Improved vibration dampening thanks to a new material integrated into the graphite racket for an incredible sound and exceptional ball feel.0

Stringing pattern

16 / 19

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