2 Artistic Gymnastics Uneven Bar Handguard, Lunar Grey

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Designed for uneven bars for female gymnasts of all levels, from beginning to advanced.

Designed for uneven bars, these women's grips have perfect grip and support. These grips have been tested for over 6 months and approved by a number of national organisations

The European leather offers good grip for all exercises.

Abrasion resistance
Lab and field tests ensure durability and strength.

Capacity to stay in place during all types of holds.

Why use grips?

Male and female gymnasts use leather gymnastics grips for a better grip on the apparatus and to limit blisters forming.

Choosing your grip size

WarningPlace the strap of the grip behind your wrist bone, turn your palm, and measure the strap up to the first knuckle of your middle finger.Size 0 under 14 cmSize 1 14 to 15 cmSize 2 15 to 16 cmSize 3 + 16 cm

First use

Grips designed for uneven bars have two holes for the middle and ring fingers as well as slight padding for a better grip on the apparatus.The grips are marked with an R and L for right and left, to guide you during your first use.Your grips should be used with a wristband to protect your skin from chafing from the leather of the grip.s4

The first use, and what's next!

During the first use, if the holes for the middle and ring fingers aren't large enough, we recommend sanding down the edges of the holes with a piece of sandpaper to not damage the integrity of the leather.We do not recommend using scissors.As you continue to use your grips for training, the leather will soften to hug the shape of your hands.s5

Our tests

Our leather was tested in our laboratories using mechanical tests for stretch and resistance to tearing.Our grips were then tested over time in partnership with 4 clubs and 3 national and international gymnastics organisations. The gymnasts' demanding training allowed us to perfect and validate the technical quality of our grips to perfectly meet our users' needs.s6


To ensure your safety, we designed different thicknesses of leather based of the size of your hands and your weight.


Main fabric,Leather - Bovine: 100%
Webbing,Polyester: 100%
Buckles,Stainless Steel: 100%

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