56-59 Cm Anti-Uv Trekking Hat - Mt500 , Dark Ivy Green

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Our team, who love trekking and hiking, has designed a hat that provides maximum sun protection but won't overheat you!

This hat is designed to offer the best protection against the sun with its wide brim and anti-UV fabric.

Sun protection
This cap meets the requirements for UV-protective labelling.

Perforations around temples to allow air to circulate

85% polyamide for increased tear resistance

This fabric allows moisture generated by the head to escape

Quick drying
This hat takes less than 80 minutes to fully dry after being immersed in water.

Moisture management
The component absorbs and wicks away perspiration

The hat weighs between 82 and 84 grams according to the size

What criteria must a cap meet in order to qualify as UV-protective

UV protection standards for hats are very specific The fabric must of course be anti-UV (UPF index greater than 50), but this is not enough to claim the finished product is anti-UV. The hat must also have a wide brim and flap which fully protects the face and the back of the neck.The Trek 500 hat meets these requirements so you can go hiking with complete peace of mind you are perfectly protected!

How is polyamide more resistant

Polyamide offers excellent abrasion and tear resistance. Moreover, microorganisms and mould don't trouble the synthetic fibre!

How do you measure a fabric's quick drying capacity

The product is machine washed 3 times then line dried, then we immerse it in water and measure how long it takes to get back to its pre-wash weight.This hat scored an impressive 5 out

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