Large Women's 3 in 1 trekking travel jacket TRAVEL 100, Carbon Grey

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Our backpacker designers have designed this jacket to enable you to travel the world with peace of mind, in all environments.

One modular jacket that replaced 3 products to adapt to all situations.

Thermal modularity: comfortable down to 0آ°C. Removable inside layer.

Fabric with a 2000mm rated coating & taped seams to protect you from 2h shower.

Abrasion resistance
Reinforced shoulders to withstand backpack rubbing.

Large discreet and compartmented travel pocket to secure your belongings.

3in1 to adapt to all situations

With the 3in1 system, the jacket will be ideal for cold conditions (up to - 1آ°C) and for hot weather trips, you can leave the inner layer at home, taking only the rain coat.You can also use the fleece alone as a mid layer over a t-shirt.3 options in one jacket!

The security of your belongings THE priority!

When backpacking, what could be worse than losing your passport or getting your phone stolen?In order to prevent this so that you can enjoy your experience with total peace of mind, we have added a large discreet and compartmented secret pocket on the chest.You can hide all your belongings in one secure place.There is even a snap hook to attach your keys and not lose them.

Reflective parts

We have added reflective tabs on the cuffs.WARNING, these parts are not standardised, they are not PPE (PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT) and do not guarantee safety or protection.When you want, you can turn the tightening tab around the wrist to uncover the reflective zones. s4

Abrasion resistance

We carry out laboratory tests on our fabrics, according to different criteriaResistance to abrasion, to mimic the rubbing of rucksack straps.We carry out a standardised Martindale rub test, during which the jacket's fabric is rubbed against another fabric. The aim is to control the wear limits of the fabric and when pilling begins. The jacket passes the test easily as it reaches 20,000 cycles on the Martindale, above the average for other jackets on the market.s5

Resistance to tearing

The jacket has also been subjected to single rip tearing tests. The aim is to mimic in a laboratory the effect of your jacket snagging on something outdoors and being ripped. Through this test protocol, we check that once it is ripped, the fabric does not continue to tear and still protects you for years to come.s6

Did you know that your TRAVEL 100 3in1 jacket is eco-designed?

The lining of this jacket is DOPE DYED It is the process by which fibres are dyed before the thread is spun. This reduces the effect on the environment, particularly on water consumption. Indeed, the usual dyeing process uses a lot of water, by using this technique, we avoid over-use.s7

A score for comparing products' environmental impact

The product's environmental impact is calculated over its entire life cycle using different indicators.An overall score from A to E is given to help you easily identify the most eco-friendly products by comparing them with products of the same type (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, etc.)Decathlon is committed to visually displaying environmental information.For more information http//sustainability.decathlon.com/


Main fabric,Polyamide: 100%
Main lining,Polyester: 100%
Shoulder fabric,Polyamide: 100%
Lining,Polyester: 100%
Coating,Polyurethane: 100%
Pocket,Polyester: 100%

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