XL Feather Sleeping Bag, Granite

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Designed in the French Alps, this RDS* certified feather sleeping bag is suitable for sleeping comfortably at temperatures above or equal to 0أ‚آ°C.

Top of the range 0أ‚آ°C sleeping bag filled with feathers (down, 800 CUIN). 945g in size L: warm, light, compact. Mummy shaped, but comfortable. Ergonomic hood. Zip with double cursor. Water-repellent.

Optimum temperature
comfort temperature 0أ‚آ°C, limit temperature -5أ‚آ°C. ISO 23537-1 standard

Easy transport
For size L. Weight: 945g. Volume: 7,8 litres. Stuff Bag

Sleeping quality
Mummy shape, anatomical hood. 1 long zip on the left with a double slider

Water repellent
Outer surface of the fabric is treated so that water runs off the surface

RDS ethical down with a fill power of 800 CUIN. 90% down/10% feathers

non-twinnable sleeping bag

Temperature of use

All our sleeping bags display the temperature ratings, tested by an independent laboratory (AITEX), in accordance with the European standard NF ISO 23537 - 2017.The comfort temperature is the lower comfort limit at which a user in relaxed position is in overall thermal balance and is neither hot nor cold (determined for an average woman in normal conditions of use). Choose your sleeping bag according to this criterion.,

What are the limit temperatures for usage

Limit temperature temperature limit at which the user of the sleeping bag in huddled-up position is generally in thermal equilibrium and is neither cold nor hot (determined for a standard man under normal conditions of use).We recommend using an insulation mattress to optimise your thermal comfort.This sleeping bag is filled with feathers and down. The thermal insulation may drop in damp

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Excellent product
Lightweight and really really warm!
The temperature rating is a fantasy
I had experience using this bag in temperatures close to 0C in the UK (May) alone in a 2 man tent. It comprehensively failed to provide anything like adequate warmth in these conditions. It packs up really small and the provision of both compression sack and a large storage bag work well. The loft is impressive when you get it out of the bag. The main problem is that it has nothing like sufficient filling to provide adequate insulation at the claimed 0C. Using this in 2 season conditions (certainly no less than 8C) it would probably be fine (but strikes me as expensive for what it is). Anyone considering using this in anything like 'survival' conditions would be well advised to give it a tame test in a campsite first - I would not trust it and will be returning mine.
Lightweight and packs small. I have used the bag down to -2 degrees and it was very snug. It is also not too how in warmer times. I used it in September on a wild camping cycling trip (on my Btwin Mountain bike) The nights were quite warm but I was fine.