2.5-5 Eu35-38 M Compression Running Socks - Black

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Our design teams developed these running compression socks to improve blood flow when you are out running.

Why compress the calf? This compression sock will support your muscles during your running outings, reduce muscle vibrations and improve blood flow by 47%.

Fully elasticated sock.

Muscle support
Compresses the calf, reduces vibrations and improves venous return.

Moisture management
Material absorbs and wicks perspiration away

compression / improvement of blood flow.

By applying pressure on the leg, the KALENJI compression sock improves blood flow by 47% when running. Wearing these KALENJI compression socks when runningboosts the oxygenation of the runner's legs.

How to select your size

For superior performance, take various precise measurements of your biggest calf and select the matching sock size.size - calf circumference 30 / 34 CM (11.8 / 13.38)size - calf circumference 34 / 38 CM (13.4 / 14.96)size - calf circumference 38 / 42 CM ( 15 / 16.51 IN )

How to slide on the sock

Roll your sock down to the heel.Gently slide your sock onto your foot and check that the heel is in position.Using both hands, stretch your sock out to the side to get it over your ankle and roll it carefully up the leg and then check that the heel is properly in position.Adjust the sock so it is just below the knee, ensure the material is evenly spread around the calf with no folds along the leg.s4

right / left

for maximum efficiency, we advise you to put the right sock on the right leg (and the left on the left).


Socks,Elasthane: 06%,Polyamide: 94%

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