Unique Size X-Vision Liquid Skin Diving Mask - Black/Grey, Gold Mirror Lenses, Black

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Designed for scuba divers looking for a mask with an opaque skirt to increase contrast. The gold mirror lenses increase visibility in murky water.

The Mares Liquid Skin X vision diving mask offers superior quality of vision thanks to the scratch-proof two-lens glasses and its broad field of vision.

Field of vision
Mirrored lens improves contrastVertical Field: 103أ‚آ°Horizontal Field: 122أ‚آ°

Internal volume
internal volume measured by our experts: 191 cm3

User comfort
Comfortable, dual-silicone skirt with ribbing for ideal comfort.

Quick micro-adjustment buckles positioned directly on the skirt.

Tempered glass, two windows, scratch-resistant, suit .for prescription lenses.

Liquid Skin technology

Liquid Skin, the exclusive dual-silicone technology by Mares, uses two different types of silicone a more rigid part for the support structure and a more flexible part that touches your face. 45% more supple and 270% more elastic for unmatched comfort and a perfect fit.Vertical field of vision 103أ‚آ°.Horizontal field of vision 122أ‚آ°.

Tempered glass lenses

Tempered glass is two to five times more durable than traditional glass. If it shatters, it breaks into small pieces, reducing the risk of a major accident.

Micro-adjustment buckles

Micrometric buckles together with the notched strap on either side of the mask allow easy and highly accurate adjustment of the mask, even when wearing gloves.s4

Dimensions of the mask

Width 17 cm.Height 12 cm.Thickness 8 cm.


Skirt,Silicone: 100%
Webbing,Silicone: 100%
Buckle,Polyamide: 100%
Lens,Glass - Mineral: 100%
Frame,Polycarbonate: 100%

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