EU 38-39 Easyfins short swim fins, Dark Grey

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Designed for OCCASIONAL swimmers looking to build up lower body strength

Muscle development and maintenance
Very flexible blade promoting a good cardiovascular workout

Short blade fins to work the thighs, calves and ankles

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Effortless swimming!
Sepatu kaki katak ini benar-benar mempermudah aktivitas renang! Tidak perlu mengeluarkan banyak tenaga untuk berenang lebih cepat dan lebih jauh.
Great fin
Worn these a few times now and my leg kick is improving after use with these. Good fit with no chaffing - all good.
Nabaiji Easyfin Short Fins
Fit is the prime factor when selecting swim fins. Too tight and they cause painful cramping. Too loose and they cause abrasions or fall off. Although I required the largest-size pair to accommodate my wide-fitting size 11 feet, they fitted perfectly. However, my toes fully protruded through the hole at the end of the foot pocket, which might over time strain the soft edges of the toe opening to the point of tearing. I measured the internal length of my EU 44-45 fin as 25.5 cm. Pockets enclosing my toes completely would have measured approximately 28 cm. Perhaps a new version of these fins should have at least 2.5 cm more length in the pocket. The foot pocket is made from firm but soft natural rubber with a smooth interior to ensure comfort. On the base of the fin, the heel is textured to reduce slippage on wet poolsides. Size ranges on the soles are provided in European, UK and US shoe sizes as well as centimetres. The fins are date-stamped using three "dials", one for the quarter, the other two indicating the year of manufacture. I was able to work out that my fins were made in the second quarter of 2014. As for the blades, they are made from stiffer material, reinforced with three central ribs that may also be designed to take some of the strain off protruding toes and the softer edges of the toe opening. The fins come with an elastic "garter" which keeps them together when in storage. Attached to the "garter" is a small card giving the sizing, the name if the importer and the place of manufacture (Malaysia). It would have been helpful if this information card had also come with care and storage instructions, a little advice about the muscular and technique benefits when using the fins, and the identity of the factory where the fins were made. I would also have liked to have known both the external length and width of the fins in centimetres and the internal length and width of the foot pockets, all of which would have helped inform my purchase. The fins do not come with a bag, which would have been useful for carrying and storing them. To finish on a positive note, I was delighted with the speed of delivery of these fins by Decathlon. I would also repeat how comfortable these short fins feel on my feet after many using other brands with pockets that have proved too narrow and rigid for my feet.