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Who will win the Space Race? Pit your astronauts against each other to see which of the two will make their way back home first and take the glory to be hailed a hero! A set of two brave intergalactic explorers with sticky hands and feet, simply throw these intrepid astronauts against any smooth surface and watch as they race their way back down to Earth. A fun racing game to be enjoyed wherever a suitable surface can be found, Space Race features a set of two spacemen themed faller brawlers. So whether it's Buzz Aldrin trying to set the record straight against Neil Armstrong, or two space explorers of the future returning from Mars, have fun wherever you are with these space-themed racing climbers and see which is the fastest returning to Earth! Great fun, again and again, the Space Racers are ideal for use on any smooth wall, particularly surfaces such as bathroom tiles, making them an entertaining toy to be enjoyed in the bath.
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