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EU 35-38 High Mountain Hiking Socks. MH 520 2 Pairs, Granite

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Designed for Mountain hiking for one or more days. For intensive use.

At the foot of Mont Blanc, our team of outdoor enthusiasts have designed these socks for expert mountain hikers (>6 hour hikes, >20 km)

Fitting comfort
2 layer socks for maximum comfort and softness.

Moisture management
Inner layer in hydrophobic fibres to keep feet dry!

Reduced chafing
The interaction between the inner and outer layer reduces heat production.

Outer layer in synthetic breathable fibres. Ventilated knitted area.

Anatomic design
100% Elastane structure to adapt to all shapes of feet.

Abrasion resistance
Multi-strand polyamide fibre provides increased durability.

Limiting the risk of chafing

Friction, caused by exercise, is absorbed by the interaction between the inner and outer layers of the socks, instead of being transferred to the outer layers of the skin. Less heating. These socks cannot protect 100% from blisters. Blisters usually appear when our skin is weakened by chafing, caused by our socks, foreign bodies or feet weakened by damp.

Characteristics of the threads

The inner sock is made from 100% polypropylene. Its thermal conductivity is the lowest of all fibres, and therefore it keeps your feet at a constant temperature. Its damp absorption rate is low and therefore it quickly wicks away perspiration out of the sock, your feet will not feel damp. The polyamide in the outer sock dries quickly to improve moisture management.

How to choose the height of your socks

We have produced 3 heights of hiking socks. Short socks that reach over your shoes but remain under the ankle.The “mids are slightly higher than your ankle to protect it. These 2 heights are designed to be worn with low shoes. High socks are ideal with hiking boots as they are slightly lower than the calf.s4

Choosing your hiking sock size

Our socks are available in 4 different shoe sizes (35/38, 39/42,43/46, 47,50). We use elastane in all our socks, so that they fit closely to your feet and remain in place. We all have feet of different lengths, proportions and sizes to do this, it is important to try your hiking socks in the store before buying them.Also try out your socks before going on a long hikes5


This model is sold in packs of 2 pairs of socks of the same colour.


Main fabric,Polypropylene: 09%,Elasthane: 06%,Polyamide: 85%

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