Red Magic 5G Gaming Smartphone Global Edition 256GB/12GB Pulse

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Stay In The Lead It takes more than speed and power to win, let RedMagic show you the way. Features: Trinity Cooling: Liquid-Cooling with Turbo Fan + Ice Dock With the ICE 4.0 active liquid-cooling with turbo fan system, the RedMagic 5S combines advanced liquid-cooling and a turbo fan with advanced heat transfer materials such as a new ICE Ag silver plate for the ultimate cooling system. Blow Away the Heat Built-in Turbo Fan Enhances your gaming experience with an intelligent turbo fan that keeps the phone cool and and running optimally during intense use or when fast charging. Ice Dock Ice Out the Competition Experience the full potential of the RedMagic 5S by attaching the RedMagic Ice Dock cooling attachment, sold separately through the RedMagic Store. Ensure you keep your lead by taking the threat of overheating out of the equation. Ultra-Smooth, Ultra-Fast 144Hz Refresh Rate 6.65-inch ESports AMOLED Display Stay ahead of the competition and experience a level of control that you can only get at 144Hz. Enjoy buttery smooth visuals in action packed games and keep in the lead. UFS 3.1 + LPDDR5 Lighting Fast: 12GB + 256GB Load up applications and speed through loading screens faster than before with the latest UFS 3.1 memory technology and LPDDR5 RAM. Jumping in for a quick game has never been so fast and easy. Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865: Dual Mode 5G Enjoy PC-level gaming on your phone with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865, with 5G. Power through the most intense games and play on the fastest data connections. Boost to the Max GPU Boost Take mobile gaming to the next level by activating the GPU Boost when you connect the Ice Dock attachment! Built-in Shoulder Triggers Enhance Your Controls Play at your best, just like you would on a console system, with customizable built-in shoulder triggers. Bring out your true gaming skills and carry your team to victory! Game Space 2.1: Take Full Control Collect games and take full control of your gaming experience with new and improved gaming features found in the RedMagic 5S’s Game Space. Customize your controls, have control over notifications or block them entirely, and set your phone settings to max! Play Smoother Touch Choreographer Keep your games smooth and ultra-responsive with Touch Choreographer. It automatically compensates in-game frame-rates to prevent stutter and keep the frame rate stable and smooth. Immersive Audio & 4D Shock Don’t just play your games, jump into them fully with the immersive high-quality audio and 4D Shock Vibration feedback. 4,500mAh Battery Up to 55W Quick Charge Worry less about your battery when playing on the go with the RedMagic 5S. Rocking a 18W quick charging and upgradable to 55W quick charging, the RedMagic 5S can fully recharge in 40 minutes, so you can get back to the games faster. 64MP Sony Triple Camera IMX686 Sensor Supernight Mode For those moments where just telling your friends isn’t enough, the RedMagic 5S with its triple camera set-up will help you capture amazing pictures to share with friends and family. Legal 155W quick charging is possible with the 55W Quick Charger that is sold separately. 2Experienced temperatures may vary due to external and environmental factors 3These speeds were recorded by nubia’s test labs. Observed speeds may vary from user to user due to external factors. 4Currently only available for select games
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