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S - 150-164cm 27.5 Mountain Bike ST 530, Black

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This 27.5 MTB is designed for MTB rides lasting 2 to 3 hours, all year round.

With your ST 530 you can accelerate and brake very quickly to adapt to changes in the terrain! The single chainring and hydraulic disc brakes will boost your mountain bike touring rides.

Cycling comfort
Enjoy an upright position, adjustable stem, 100mm suspension and hammock saddle.

Ease of use
Adjust your speed without thinking: 9-speed single-chainring drivetrain.

Directional control
Control your trajectory: hydraulic disc brakes, wide tyres and handlebar.

Smooth riding: lightweight aluminium frame, single chainring, and 27.5 wheels.

Lifetime warranty
ROCKRIDER offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, handlebars and stem.

feature1id337,titleCycling comfort,textEnjoy an upright position, adjustable stem, 100mm suspension and hammock saddle.,iconhttps//contents.mediadecathlon.com/b65198/pic.jpgfeature2id53,titleEase of use,textAdjust your speed without thinking 9-speed single-chainring drivetrain.,iconhttps//contents.mediadecathlon.com/b65339/pic.jpgfeature3id25,titleDirectional control,textControl your trajectory hydraulic disc brakes, wide tyres and handlebar.,iconhttps//contents.mediadecathlon.com/b72598/pic.jpgfeature4id325,titleEfficiency,textSmooth riding lightweight aluminium frame, single chainring, and 27.5 wheels.,iconhttps//contents.mediadecathlon.com/b65000/pic.jpgfeature5id209,titleLifetime warranty,textROCKRIDER offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, handlebars and stem.,iconhttps//contents.mediadecathlon.com/b65019/pic.jpg^This 27.5 MTB is designed for MTB rides lasting 2 to 3 hours, all year round.^

Which is the right size?

Several sizes availableS between 1.50m and 1.64mM between 1.65m and 1.74mL between 1.75m and 1.84mXL between 1.85 m and 2% mIf you are between 2 sizesChoose the smaller size for easier steering (easier to handle) and comfort (straighter back).Choose the larger size for easier pedalling with a more stretched-out position (position more suited to performance).


With a heavily sloped top tube and a wide range of sizes (from S 1.50 m to XL 2% m).The ST 530 mountain bike frame is UNISEX.The ST 530 mountain bike is available with the same frame in a WOMEN'S version fitted seat, narrower handlebar, shorter stem, fork with a more flexible spring, and brake levers that are closer together.As a WOMAN, if you choose the MEN'S model, we recommend at least purchasing the WOMEN'S SPORT 500 saddle which is fitted to the female form.


The ST 530 mountain bike was fully designed and developed by our passionate MTB team at the B'Twin Village in France (Lille).A mountain bike that makes steering easier more powerful and progressive hydraulic disc brakes, a fork with 100 mm travel for riding over obstacles, a single chainring so you can very quickly adapt to changes in terrain, etc. MTB riders were involved at every stage of this bike's creation to make sure it works just right.s4


For less weight and more efficient pedalling, the Rockrider ST 530 frame is made from 6061 aluminium (only 2.1 kg in size M). Our designers created this bike to be comfortable and easy to manoeuvre. Its slope was carefully designed to keep your back straighter. The lower bottom bracket helps keep you more stable during turns.s5


With a 100 mm front suspension, it will be easier to ride over small obstacles (roots, pebbles, stones, mud).Easily adjust the hardness using U-Fit technology (weight adjuster). Simply set the number to your weight (55 kg to 105 kg) using the dial on the fork.s6


This mountain bike has no rear suspension.This is a semi-rigid mountain bike. Compared to a full suspension mountain bike (with rear suspension), the advantages are clear the mountain bike is lighter; less energy is lost on flatter ground. If however your primary concern is comfort and manoeuvrability, the ST 530 is available in a full suspension version with suspension at the rear.s7


The single chainring is easy and efficient to use1 chainring and 9 speeds.Accelerate on the flats and easily tackle the climbs.With a single lever on the handlebar, you can change gears while hardly thinking!-ROCKRIDER FC ATB 500 32-tooth single chainring-MICROSHIFT ADVENT rear derailleur with long cage-MICROSHIFT ADVENT right shifter-MICROSHIFT H092 9-speed cassette (11-42 teeth)-KMC Z9 wide, sturdy chains8


The adjustable stem brings the ST 530 controls to your hands. The all-aluminium ROCKRIDER stem is 70 mm (size S), 80 mm (size M/L), or 90 mm (size XL) and can be raised to 5 adjustment intervals + 0mm, + 7.5mm, + 15mm, + 22.5mm, + 30mm.In detail- 720mm oversize ROCKRIDER SPORT aluminium handlebar- ROCKRIDER SPORT soft touch ergonomic grips for good grip and a comfortable feel.s9


The ST 530 saddle is welded to prevent any saddle movement as you cycle.Because your comfort is our next priority after safety, we've added an exclusive Rockrider Ergofit Evo saddle that is wider and hammock shaped.Easily adjust the height of your saddle with the 400 mm Flex steel seat post. Its smaller 27.2mm diameter provides your seat with natural flexibility, 30% more than a standard solution.0


No matter what conditions you ride in (dry/wet), the Rockrider by Tektro 160mm double hydraulic disc brakes will come through for you, even in the mud.Hydraulic braking adds more power and progressive braking and requires less powerful use of the brake levers.The aluminium brake levers are easy to grip and precise.1


The aluminium wheels are effective and sturdy 27.5 diameter and double-walled rims. Their diameter is the perfect balance of comfort and performance. With their 28 spokes, they are lightweight, stiff, and durable.The wide, ROCKRIDER ALL CONDITIONS (30 TPI) 27.5 x 2.0 tyres have side knobs designed for riding on all types of terrain (dry, wet, etc.).Tubeless Ready 23 mm rims SCHRADER valves, TUBELESS rim tape, TUBELESS tyres, and puncture-proof liquid to be added.2

Platform pedals

The ST 530 comes with Rockrider Flat platform pedals with a wider pedalling surface and more pronounced dots for better grip on the pedal.3


We added a quick release system for easily removing/reattaching the front wheel.Our advice a bike rack is an easy way to transport your mountain bike without dirtying your car.4


Your ST 530 mountain bike is fitted with a bell, lights, wheel reflectors and pedals.The frame is compatible with-300 central stand (ref. 8172767) and 500 central stand (ref. 8172769)-500 chainstay stand (ref. 8302792)-100 bottle cage (ref. 8049106) and 500 bottle cage (ref. 8358133)-Mountain bike mudguard set (ref. 8385291)-100 saddle bag (ref. 8347394) and 500 saddle bag (ref. 8354448)-500 pannier rack (ref. 8364376)-100 frame child seat (ref. 8486913 and 8487125), whatever the size5


Your bike's fittings (chain, derailleur, brakes, etc.) will adjust over time. Take advantage of a free servicing within 6 months after purchase. Our technicians will carry out a 13-point check of your bike. Just come to your nearest Decathlon workshop with your Decathlon card and/or receipt.


Frame,Aluminium 6061: 100%

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