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Stock Keeper
Job Title
Stock Keeper
Algeria, Algiers
Role Purpose
Key Accountabilities

·         Receive merchandize, count it physically and electronically in order to ensure accuracy of information and inspect its quality to report discrepancies

·         Classify, store and tag items in the warehouse on a daily basis as per shop procedures and items' characteristics, in order to ensure timely finding and release of products

·         Participate in the inventory of products and report the end-of-day inventory status to Shop Manager

·         Assist Sales Associates in replenishing stocks on the shelves in order to ensure availability of products at all times

Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge

·         High School Degree


·         Attention to details – Level 1

·         Planning and Organizing – Level 1

·         Communication Skills – Level 1

·         Initiative – Level 1

·         Change and Adaptability – Level 1

·         Teamwork – Level 1

·         Cultural Awareness – Level 1

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