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Procurement Administrator
Job Title
Procurement Administrator
Dubai, Al Qouz, Industrial Area 1
Role Purpose

The Procurement Administrator is responsible for providing administra􀆟ve support and coordina􀆟on

service for the Procurement Department.

Key Accountabilities

Keep track and document 􀄮les needed for the corpora􀆟on’s contracts and procurement ac􀆟ons and

implement an adequate 􀄮ling and data retrieval system to ensure con􀆟nuous ease of access of


Perform the POs process for handled requests and generate PO reports and procurement families

when needed

Handle internal shops’ requests that can be executed from within the warehouse

Gather and summarize data to prepare rou􀆟ne reports and schedules while seeking addi􀆟onal

informa􀆟on where necessary to support certain purchasing ac􀆟vi􀆟es

Handle managers’ appointments and arrange mee􀆟ng venues

Launch bi-annual shop surveys to determine their sa􀆟sfac􀆟on with suppliers

Conduct con􀆟nuous research to stay abreast to new products and market trends and locate poten􀆟al


Carry out ad hoc work related to the ERP system and data entry according to the guidelines provided

by the immediate manager

Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge

Bachelor’s Degree is a plus.

0-1 year of experience in contract administra􀆟on, procurement and data management; Previous

experience in customer service is a plus

Pro􀄮ciency in MS O􀄸ce

Fluency in English


Planning and Organizing 1

Teamwork 2

Analy􀆟cal Thinking 1

A􀆩en􀆟on to details 2

Communica􀆟on Skills 2

Customer Focus 1

Ini􀆟a􀆟ve 1

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