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Accounting Specialist
Job Title
Accounting Specialist
Bahrain, Bahrain Head Office
Role Purpose

The Accounting Specialist is responsible forproviding proper book keeping and reconciling the books of account in order tosupport the effective provision of high quality accounting servicesacross the business.

Key Accountabilities

Process ledger and booking entries accordingto stated procedures so that all transactions are recorded in a timely andaccurate manner

Identify, investigate andrectify routine errors and anomalies in input data inorder to ensure accuracy of financial information

Analyze ledgers and accounts to allow the reconciliation offinancial  data according to stated schedules sothat the company remains aware of its financial  position on an ongoingbasis and statutory reports can be produced within legislative time limits

Prepare reports from statistical andfinancial  information according to stated schedules sothat all required information is available for review in a timely manner

Prepare non-routine financial dataas requested in order to support management decision-making Monitor accounting proceduralcompliance by subordinates and employees in order to ensure that all systemsare adhered to

Report major problems and areas ofnon-compliance to the hierarchy in order to ensure that a high

level of accounting management and control ismaintained and that issues are resolved in a timely manner

Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration withemphasis on Finance or Accounting

2-4 years of experiencein a similar field

Proficiency  in MS Office

Fluency in English


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