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Department Manager
Job Title
Department Manager
Algeria, Algiers
Role Purpose
The Department Manager is responsible for overseeing Department Ňoor acƟviƟes in order to ensurethat its operaƟons are carried out in the most eīecƟve manner and in compliance with the companycustomer service standards. He/she is also responsible for maintaining high standards of visualmerchandising and store presentaƟon, and ensuring availability of products at all Ɵmes.
Key Accountabilities
Greet customers and ensure that they are served by shop staī in a Ɵmely manner and in compliancewith quality and customer service standardsEnsure proper implementaƟon of company policies and procedures for operaƟonal eīecƟvenessControl merchandising of products in order to opƟmize sales and ensure it is in line with brand imageand standardsMonitor stock levels on a conƟnuous basis, maintain inventories and re-order merchandise whenneeded in order to ensure adequate stocks and maximum range and size availability at all ƟmesManage the Department staī by seƫng goals and objecƟves, managing performance, developing andmoƟvaƟng employees, in order to ensure the highest levels of performance are achievedRun daily Department meeƟngs in order to ensure all Department acƟviƟes, objecƟves and events areproperly understood and communicatedConduct on-the-job training, demonstraƟon and instrucƟon for exisƟng employees, in order to supporttheir development and ensure the highest standards of performance are achievedSpeciĮc for MulƟmedia: Plan and prepare team schedule on a weekly basis, and submit it to hierarchySpeciĮc for MulƟmedia: Enforce up-selling and cross-selling within the team in order to maximize salesvolume and ensure set targets are reachedSpeciĮc for MulƟmedia: Conduct performance appraisals for department’s staī on a bi-yearly basis
Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge
Bachelor’s Degree3 years of experience in a managerial role3 years of experience in retailStrong knowledge and understanding of shop operaƟng proceduresProĮciency in MS OĸceFluency in EnglishStrong product knowledge across all departments
Developing and MoƟvaƟng Others 3Cultural Awareness 3Commercial Understanding 2AnalyƟcal Thinking 2Customer Focus 3Driving and Achieving results 3AƩenƟon to details 3
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