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Assistant Manager
Job Title
Assistant Manager
Lebanon, ABC Verdun
Role Purpose
Key Accountabilities
Communicate sales plans and targets to the Shop/Department team, monitor performance on an ongoing basis, and suggest correcve acons to hierarchy when needed Assign roune and non-roune tasks and assist in the schedule preparaon for the Sales Associates, Cashiers and Coordinators (when applicable) and ensure that acvies are carried out in the most ecient manner Greet customers and ensure that they are served by shop sta in a mely manner and in compliance with quality and customer service standards Report occurring operaonal issues and handle customer complaints in in a mely manner, suggest soluons or escalate them as appropriate in order to ensure operaonal eecveness and customer sasfacon Handle or assist the Shop/Department Manager in handling the maintenance of inventories and placement of product orders to ensure eecve stock management and availability of products Movate team members and provide them with the necessary support in terms of training and development in order to opmize sales results Supervise the Opening process of the shop in order to ensure that all set procedures regarding pey cash, reporng, systems, etc. are respected Specic for Sports Goods: Communicate with local suppliers, negoate prices and place orders Specic for Sports Goods: Handle the closing of the Shop in coordinaon with the Cashier by controlling the preparaon of cash money, electronic cards slips, discounts, and VAT vouchers; ensure their delivery to the Accounng Department in compliance with company policies and security standards Specic for Sports Goods: Perform other related acvies such as communicang shop events and promoons to customers through social media tools, liaising with wholesales customers to ensure mely answering of their needs, liaising with local sports clubs and other
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