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Stock Keeper
Job Title
Stock Keeper
Lebanon, Beirut
Role Purpose
Key Accountabilities
  • Receives and controls all shipments.
  • Ensures that all merchandise is in good condition by matching the pricing list to the merchandise (checking damages or missing merchandise).
  • Follows an organized method while opening all shipments.
  • Organizes efficiently the warehouse (by types and garments).
  • Conducts regular inventory count for existing stock, as requested by the Shop Manager.
Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge
  • High school degree is the minimum requirement.
  • Loyalty, dependability and precision.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Responsible and trustworthy.
  • Adhering to principles and values
  • Delivering results and meeting customers’ expectations
  • Following instructions and procedures
  • Coping with pressure and setbacks
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