Qouwat Al Tabeia Albashariah | Robert Green

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This book will make you a practicing student In the field of human nature First These laws will make you look at people with long-term and calm eyes. It will help you to release your emotional outbursts It drains you without justification. Second These laws will make you an expert in interpreting the signals, which people regularly make. You form a great ability to judge their personalities. Third These laws will enable you to confront and overcome the toxic types of people that you are bound to encounter in your life. Fourthly These laws will teach you the correct foundations for moving people and influencing them. Fifth These laws will give you the power to change your negative patterns.

- Published on: Jan 2, 2020
- No of Pages: 790
- Language: Arabic
- Publisher: Obeikan Publishing
- Genres: Business & Economics / Leadership / Management Science / Self-Help / Personal Growth / General
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