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This multiposition handlebar extender offers an aerodynamic design and added comfort over long distances.

This bike handlebar extender has width-adjustable armrests, letting you keep your arms supported and comfortable as you ride.

22.2 mm, 25.4 mm and 31.8 mm handlebars.

User comfort
Arm rests with anatomical foam cushions.

Easy assembly / dismantling
Post mount attachment allowing it to be fitted without removal of controls.

Ease of use
Width-adjustable armrest.

650 g.


Chassis,Aluminium 6061: 100%

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5 اراء الزبائن
Happy with purchase
Came across this in the store and got tempted to try it. I am not a TT maniac obsessed by speed gain but more an endurance rider interested by an additional posture possibility to relieve the pins and needles I get in my hands. Was a bit apprehensive I would not manage to fit it as I have all my brakes and speed cables very close to the handlebar but managed to sneak it in. Also I have a 32mm diameter Giant handlebar so I did not need the diameters reducers and the main parts had not spline, but once tighten enough onto the handlebar it's quite sturdy. I have ridden a several hundred miles since, no problem, I check regularly that it stays properly fastened and it does not get loose despite all the potholes on our British roads. As other have mentioned yes, nuts are very greasy but so what? The main adapters between handlebar and extender have only a screw and nut on one side but I did not feel that the 'hooking' system on the other side was weak or fragile. the whole looks solid enough to me I trust that by installing this extender you're meant to loose the normal position on the handlebar and only have the gear shifter as an alternative hand position. By installing the elbow rest as far inwards as possible (position still comfy) I managed to saw off at least 1 inch of the tube they're screwed onto and have therefore retrieve enough space for my hand on the default handlebar position. So with 3 choices shifters/handlebar/extender I can alternate my hand positions and keep pins and needles at bay more easily. Riding while on this extender surely does give you a bit of extra speed and also some welcome change of position for your back. Got used to it pretty quickly, not as difficult to steer the bike as I thought it would (obviously not intended for cornering) and overall feeling more secure than I expected. In short, very happy with it.
Value for money but gets loose after a bumpy ride
Positives - Comfortable, Economic, Easy and quick installation Negatives - Gets loose after a bumpy ride, the colour scratches off easily
Needs Improvement
The Trialthon Handlebar Arm rest .One of the connectors did not have a bolt and nut. I did not check, nor it was verified by the person making the Bill. The Price tag mentioned in the display area was showing higher price than the actual price Since I have bought the product at Bangalore stores, I cannot go back there to get this matter sorted out...
Great value bar
saw these and couldn't miss them at the price. quick and easy to fit with the few correct tools. haven't been able to properly test them yet as I'm recovering from a ruptured Achilles but hope to get out again in the next few weeks
Comfortable and cheap
Tried these after I felt uncomfortable on straight tri bars. Immediately felt safer and more comfortable with these and all for under £20. I use the pads probably more than I do the handlebars when touring!