Bleuet Compact Camping Stove for Hikers and Trekkers

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Designed for the hiker or camper looking for an affordable lightweight camping stove that doesn't take up much space.

A lightweight, compact camping stove that goes everywhere with you. Easy to clip on and release with the EasyClicأ‚آ® Plus system.

1,250 W. Time to boil 1 L of water: ~ 5 mins 30. Power adjustment button

2 hours 40 with CV300+5 hours with CV470+

Easyclicأ‚آ® valve cartridge (CV270 Plus, CV300 Plus or CV 470 Plus).

Ease of use
Easy cartridge Connection (EasyClicأ‚آ®). Arms fold down to save space.

Technical features

Weight 175 grams• Dimensions 14 x 14 cm.• Folded dimensions 9 X 10 cm* manufacturer data

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