10-Speed 11X28 Road Bike Cassette

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Designed for road bikes equipped with a 10-speed drive train

Versatile 11x28 10-speed cassette for all gradients and compatible with all 10-speed derailleurs and chains: Shimano, SRAM, MicroSHIFT, Btwin and KMC

For Shimano, Sram, and Btwin 10-speed cassette bodies and chains

Technical information

Gears 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-28.11x28 teeth264 g.,

Care tips

Degrease, clean and lubricate your cassette regularly to prolong life. It is recommended you replace the chain each time the cassette is replaced. Do not clean using high-pressure water jets,


Easy assembly with a cassette remover wrench available on our website(ref 8351088) and an adjustable or open-ended spanner.,


Easy disassembly with a cassette remover wrench available on our website(ref 8351088) and an adjustable spanner or open-ended spanner and a chain-whip tool.


Main fabric,Steel: 100%

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11 اراء الزبائن
Big tick
Good selection of ratios Best price Happy customer
Decathlon cassette
To be honest I only bought this item because I wanted a rear cassette for my turbo wheel and was a bit reluctant to pay Shimano type prices so took a punt on this cheaper equivalent. I should not have worried. It fits as it should and shifts as easily and as crisply as I would have wished for and is really as good as the Shimano cassette. Because of the poor weather the turbo has had more use than I would have liked but no complaints whatsoever with this purchase.
10speed cassette
Very good value for money
Unfit for purpose
Abysmal product. I blamed lowly claris rear mech for the poor clunky shifting so I bought a 105 rear mech. Same problem. Thankfully I only bought it for my turbo bike. Very poor clunky noisy shifting going up and down gear. I would never take this outside. It's not dangerous in itself. However it's piss poor performance could easily distract me. Belongs in a bin
Casette fits the need
Good product,delivered fast.