كابل فرامل الطريق شامل بطول 2 متر

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replacing the brake cables on your road bike.

Universal, rust-proof brake cable.

Road bike braking system (narrow head).

Corrosion resistance
Pre-stretched stainless steel cable (1.5mm diameter).Length: 2m.


Structure,Stainless Steel: 100%

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8 اراء الزبائن
Btwin brake cable
Bough these before, really good quality & price
No problems
Does exactly as it should do at a fair price
Great At This Price.
It's a pre stretched wire so there's no slacking problem, I have used Shimano wire before it's as same as that, didn't find any difference. Only difference is in price this product is way cheaper.
New front inner brake cabke
Good job, brake was working well but a little frayed at the end. New cable, just the job
Good product for the price
I have put this as an average product due to its longevity. I have found that it can fatigue / stretch after being used after a couple of weeks of daily riding. Even after pre stretching the cable before setting my brakes. If this was sorted I would put it down as excellent due to the price of the product.