تيل فرامل لدراجات الطريق 100

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Designed for replacing your bolt-on brake pads on a road bike.

Screw-mounted road bike brake pads 100. Hard rubber for lasting use and versatile for all weather conditions.

For all road-bike callipers.

Abrasion resistance
Hard rubber for lasting use.

For use in all weather.

Technical information

48 g per pair.,


Structure,Steel: 10%,Zinc Alloy: 10%,Rubber - Carbon Black: 80%

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15 اراء الزبائن
Excellent quality but the bolt is too short
I managed to install them on my brake callipers, however the brake wire had to be shortened quite a bit for the brakes to be proximal to the wheel. Adding washers and spacers along the bolt would solve this but the bolt is just a little too short to make this easy. In future I would probably get brake pads with longer bolt extensions and which may be fastened by a nut on the outside. This may be a model-specific issue with my particular bike, a good product despite this!
A best brake pads in the market
They do a perfect job in all wether conditions for there price !
Good Value
For the price these are good value, used these for a number of years and do the job well
Good price but wear out very quickly
I got these for the price, and they're definitely not bad. But they wear out so quickly (around 3 weeks), especially in wet weather, that investing in a more expensive set will save you money in the long run.
stops well but wears very quickly
i'm not sure which brakes were fitted on my btwin hoptown (stock brakes, never changed them in 5+ years!), but those stopped as well lasted well over 1000 miles, while these last barely 100 miles on my btwin riverside 200 - i end up changing pads every month. they do the job pretty well though, and my commute is mostly flat but with lots of wet roads (and grit/salt cos it's winter) so i'm not sure if it's worth spending more for longer lasting brakes.