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Our design team developed this wall mount so you can easily store up to 2 bikes.

Keep your bikes suspended for better storage thanks to this simple, ergonomic wall support!

Easy assembly / dismantling
Easily install your wall mount using 4 screws (not supplied).

This mount is compatible with bikes with a classic frame design.

Easily hang up 1 or 2 bikes by the frame.

Your wall support can hold up to 30kg.


Width 47 cm Depth 48cmHeight 24cmColour black,


This bike mount has 4 pre-drilled holes so you can easily attach it to your wall.We recommend not attaching the bike mount too high up the wall to ensure that you allow enough space for the upper section of your bike (seat post and saddle) and prevent you from lifting your bike higher than necessary.Also remember to allow enough space around the sides and underneath for your wheels!,


We recommend checking the type of wall (solid wall, plasterboard, brick, etc.) to ensure you have the right screws and wall plugs.For example On a solid wall, we recommend using 40mm wall plugs and PZ 2 screws with dimensions of minimum 5mm x 60mm. Also take into account the thickness of the mount itself 25mm for the chosen length of screw.If in doubt, ask a specialist vendor to ensure you choose the

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9 اراء الزبائن
Okay but not for small frames
Sturdy and does the job but if you have a small frame, it will be too wide. You can use it but you have to hang the saddle off one of the bars and kind of balance it on the other a bit. Wish they would stop making things that aren't inclusive for people who ride a smaller frame but that's the cycling industry for you I guess!
Great kit
Neat and light and strong
Does the job
I was skeptical about this with the price being so low, but thought I'd give it a chance. It's still holding 2 bikes up after a few weeks, even with my dodgy DIY skills! I'm a bit disappointed it doesn't include the screws etc...
Excellent product
Extremely light weight. Easy to fix on my garage wall. Excellent product.
Bike wall rack