2Xl Mountain Trekking Warm Softshell Windbreaker Mt100 Windwarm, Black

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Our team of mountain trekking enthusiasts developed this durable softshell jacket to protect you from the wind in the mountains, in cold weather.

This multi-purpose softshell jacket is the ideal solution for changing weather conditions.

Windproof membrane on the bust and arm areas.

Comfortable btw 13آ°C & 10آ°C worn as a second layer. Fleece brushed on the inside

Abrasion resistance
Fabric with tight weave so you can wear a backpack without any risk of tearing.

Side and back panels made of non-membraned fabric.

Water repellent
Treated surface to prevent water from seeping into the fabric.

Weight 575 g in size L

What is softshell

A warm, protective jacket that protects you from the wind and short light rain or snow showers (approx. 30 mins).The fabric used is a combination of 3 a breathable and windproof microporous sandwiched between the water-repellent outer layer and the inner one made from warm, comfortable fleece.

Thermal comfort and windproof

The wind makes you feel considerably colder.Where the outside temperature is 0�, with winds of 20 km, the temperature feels like -10�.Windproof components fight the uncomfortable effects associated with this freezing effect. Forming a barrier against the wind, they effectively reduce heat loss.


In areas that are sensitive to wind (front and sleeves) the fabric has a windproof ; breathability is therefore lower.Performance is 2,839 g/m2/24 hrs (according to standard JIS 1099 A).To improve breathability

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15 اراء الزبائن
Great jacket does everything I require, BUT!
I have purchased two of these jackets, they are a great jacket! a proper mars bar piece of kit, they can be used for work, rest and play. it is comfortable, warm and even looks good BUT The only draw back and it is a pain, is the mess pockets! pop a set of keys, a pen or anything that can poke through the mess into your pocket and they will rip! Then you'll be finding yourself picking things on the floor! Please replace the mess.
Delivery was awful
I had to wait much longer than the time given when I ordered this item. And it wasn’t during the Christmas period. First time I bought online at Decathlon and also the last time. The item is luckily up to my expectations.
Great value, keeps the wind out.
Does the job in this cold weather. Used instead of a coat a lot of the time.
it's only partially windproof!
i bought on of these and was very happy with the look, fit, style, i liked almost anything about this jacket. but what caught my attention is the different feel of front and back of it. then i've re-read the full descrition of the product and it turns out that it's wind proof only in front and on the sleeves. the sides and back are not wind proofed. SO WHAT IF I'M WALKING AND THE WIND BLOWS DIRECTLY INTO MY BACK??? i will be returning this immediately for a refund. decathlon - take note: i will happily buy and recommend improved version of this, as long as it's wind proof on all sides.