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Our team of fellow paddlers developed this touring stand-up paddle board for half-day trips for beginners weighing 60 to 80 kg.

Easy-to-handle, ultra-stable, generously sized inflatable Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) board for users weighing 60 to 80 kg, for cruising or surfing small waves.

Very wide (32) and thick (5) for stiffness and maximum stability.

Compact design
Dimensions when folded in bag (90 x 40 x 16 cm). Inflates to 15PSI in 5 minutes.

Glide performance
Versatile pointed shape suitable for cruising.

Robust and impact-resistant glued PVC & drop stitch construction.

Easy transport
9آ kg. Easy to carry to water for launching, or in a backpack.

User comfort
Foam deck for comfort and grip.EVA foam handle

Carrying comfort
New bag with foam lining on the shoulders opens flat easily.

Recommended for one person weighing less than 80 kg.Maximum load: 230 kg

Recommended user weight Maximum load

Recommended user weightLess than 60 kg ultra-stable board.60 to 80 kg ideal board for easily starting out.More than 80 kg if you are a beginner, we recommend the larger size (11')Maximum load 230 kg.,

Inflating & deflating the Stand Up Paddle

INFLATIONMake sure the valve's orange button is up (closed), by pressing on it.Connect the pump.Inflate to 15 psi.The more inflated the SUP, the more stable it is and the better its movement.Disconnect the pump and close the outer plug.DEFLATIONFirmly push the valve's orange button to let the air out.Do not put your face near and stay back.Roll, starting from the opposite side to the valve to remove all the air.,

Special limited edition (code 962720) NEW VALVE Inflating & deflating the Stand-Up Paddle board

INFLATIONCheck that the valve is in the INFLATE position.If it is in the

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