On And Off Inflight Buddyphones Blue Headphones

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InFlight Buddyphones allow you to choose from 3 max volume presets. Safe Flight Mode maxes at 94db and provides safe listening in louder environments. Safe Kid Mode (85db max) is great for normal listening. And, Safe Toddler Mode reduces the max volume to 75db, which is perfect for children with sensitive hearing, attention deficits, and/or autism.

- 3 volume settings: 94db, 85db, and 75db
- BuddyCable integrated audio splitter allows up to 4 buddies to share the same device
- Kit includes a 2-prong plug for airplanes and a convenient travel bag
- Flat, detachable cable design minimizes choking hazards
- Built-in microphone is convenient for talking and to use with learning apps
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