Sr 130 23-Inch Junior Squash Racket, Flup Orange Ppe

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young beginner squash players aged 6 to 8 looking for a sturdy racket that's easy and comfortable to play with.

This squash racket is perfect for 6- to 8-year-olds getting started with squash thanks to its durability, large head with comfortable strike zone, and its anti-vibration system built into the throat.

Use of aluminium makes this a very sturdy racket.

This racket's high inertia delivers more powerful strokes.

Its large head (467cmأ‚آ²) reduces centring errors and improves your shots.

Vibration dampening
The anti-vibration system in the core of the racket reduces vibrations.

Technology 6061 Aluminium

This Racket Made From Aluminium 6061 Is Perfectly Suited To Beginner Squash Players. The Use Of Aluminium Makes This Racket Very Solid, Nearly Unbreakable. It Is Therefore Resistant To Impacts Against Walls.,

Technology Antivib Inside

The Anti-Vibration System Built Into The Core Of The Racket Reduces Vibrations. Made Of Elastomeric Material, This Flexible Piece Dampens Vibrations, Providing Occasional And Beginner Players With A More Comfortable Experience.,

Technology Pu Grip

The Elastomeric Polyurethane Material Offers The Best Balance Of Grip And Absorption For An Enhanced Feel.,


Its Weight And Balance Give This Racket The Power You Need To Improve Your Squash.,


Its Medium Sized Head Makes Centring The Ball Easier And Provides More Comfort.,Composition

Racket Frame,Alum

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