زوجان من الجوارب الطويلة للمشي، رمادي، مقاس 39-42 أوروبي

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Our hiking designers have developed these socks to make you comfortable on your short hikes in the lowlands, either in temperate or cool weather.

Worn with mid-height walking boots, these socks give maximum comfort for your short walks in the country. Sold in sets of two pairs of the same colour.

Product composed of 73% organically grown cotton with the GOTS certification

User comfort
Organic cotton. Comfortable loop fabric under the foot. Flatseam

Anatomic design
Designed with 3% elastane: the sock fits your foot, stays in place

Quick drying
Designed with 23% polyester to enable faster drying

Abrasion resistance
Reinforced areas at the front and back of the foot

Pack of 2 pairs

This model is sold in packs of 2 pairs of socks in the same colour.,

Why use organically grown cotton

To offer you soft and comfortable products in practice, we use organic cotton. It is grown without chemical fertilisers, pesticides or GMO, reducing the risk of ground or water pollution.,

How to choose the size of your hiking socks

You need to choose a sock size that's adapted to your foot to avoid any additional folding of the either because the sock is too big and therefore there is too much material around your foot, or because the sock is too small and is pulled towards the inside of the boot.We use the qualities of elastane so that our socks fit your foot properly and stay in place.It's important to try the socks on before going off hiking.,


You need to manage moisture a

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