خيمة تخييم قابلة للنفخ الهواء إير سكند 4.1، 4 تتسع لأربعة أشخاص، بغرفة نوم

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Our team of campers designed this inflatable Air Seconds 4.1 F&B tent for four campers wanting one bedroom and a spacious living room

Our motivation? To design an inflatable tent that is easy to pitch and features Fresh&Black technology. Less heat and light in your tent, so you can decide just when to get up!

Bedroom: 280 x 210 cm | Stand-up living room: 6,5 mأ‚آ² | Floor mat with zip

Easy assembly / dismantling
Extremely quick pitching:all-in-one inflatable structure & pre-assembled bedroom

Heat reduction
Fresh fabric: reduces heat inside your tent in the sun

Black fabric: guarantees 99% darkness in your bedrooms

Tropical rain laboratory test | Under shower: 200 L of water per hour per sqm

Wind resistance
Withstands force 7 winds - around 60 km/h | Wind tunnel test

Easy transport
Rectangular cover | 75 x 35 x 35 cm | 92 litres | 15 kg

Reduced environmental impact by dyeing the thread before weaving (ref: 8648382)

Living Room and Bedroom

6.5 sqm living room with an inner tent height of 1.90 m.This tent has several features- Zipped floor mat that can be lifted at the entrances in case of rain- Transparent window with shutter- Screen window with shutter- Storage pouches in the bedrooms and living roomThe bedroom of this tent can accommodate a maximum of four 70-cm-wide mattresses. It can also accommodate a couple looking for a very large bedroom.,

Pitching and dismantling

All-in-one inflatable structure with pre-assembled bedroom and flysheet.Using our Quechua 5.2 litre red pump with built-in pressure gauge, we recommend that you inflate the tubes to 7 PSI of pressure.To view this pump, copy the reference 8243066 and paste it into the search engine of our website.PUMP NOT INCLUDEDTo make it easier, we recommend that 2 people pitch the tent, although 1 person can manage.,

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