عدسات فوق النظارات م.هـ. أو.ت.ج. 500.و الفئة 3 المستقطبة - بني

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Over-glasses designed for hiking in very bright conditions. Category 3 polarised lenses - 100% UV protection.

MH OTG 500W over-glasses are worn on top of your normal glasses to protect you from the sun. The polarised lenses eliminate most reflections for better clarity of vision.

Polarising lens: reduces reflections from bright surfaces

Sun protection
Category 3 lens - 100% UV filter: perfect for sunny weather.

Vision adaptability
Converts prescription glasses into sunglasses.

Only 32 g.

Polycarbonate glasses made from high resistance plastic. 2-year guarantee.

Compatible with most prescription glasses.


An anti-UV material, but what is it for To protect your eyes from an invisible danger... UV rays.UV radiation is always present, in winter or summer, in sunny or even cloudy weather, and it can be harmful to your eyes and their contours.To preserve your vision, the lenses of our sunglasses are made of polycarbonate mixed with an anti UV material which protects you from the harmful rays of the sun (UVA and UVB),


The very best for your outdoor activities!The polarised lenses intensify the colours & improve contrasts as well as the view of the terrain.They provide very good protection and excellent comfort by only transmitting the light in one axis, while protecting you from glare by blocking the rays which are reflected off horizontal surfaces (water, snow, etc.)The downside is that it makes it difficult to read screens (phone, etc.) as the polarisi

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Good for powerd glasses...
My wife have been searching for powered goggles and was said it costs around 2000/-. But accidentaly came across this and she was overwhelmed with joy to find this...
Good experience
Item was as described and suitable for purpose.
Buying glasses at Decathlon
Hi there, I suffer from a condition that has depleted my corneas. I can’t see in the light and it’s not straightened to have a transplant. So I have to work and I have to find glasses that get me through the day. ( I am an Eyfs teacher) I use Giltbrook regularly- my sons are both sporty - my daughters used to ride and dance so I knew your prices were ok. I had to find someone to help me and Jake was brilliant. He was considerate, polite and knowledgeable and I came away with 3 pairs of fantastic glasses. Thank you so much