ديرايلور خلفي للدراجات 7- إلى 9 سرعات x4

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Designed for bikes with 7, 8 or 9 speeds and a double or triple crankset.

Long cage SRAM X4 rear derailleur compatible only with Shimano 7 to 9-speed shifters for smooth, precise gear changes.

Only compatible with 7 to 9-speed SRAM shifters.

Technical information

Direct Route Technology less friction and loss of tuning.11 ratio = 1 mm of drawn cable corresponds to 1 mm derailleur movement.290 g.

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Excellent dudget rear derailleur
As long as you are also using Sram 1:1 actuation ratio (ie non Shimano compatible) gear shifters this rear mech is excellent. The shifting is very clean and precise and stays correctly adjusted for a long time. Highly recommended. The only slight flaw is it requires a unique top jockey wheel when they eventually wear out which has 2 mounting holes offset rather than a central bolt so they are not a common part. Other than that brilliant.
Sram X4 rear derailleur
I believe that there is a design flaw with this item. When the cable is attached, on the low ratios, the cable actually rubs the aluminium body, which adds to the gear change issues, particularly on the lower cogs no problem when on small cogs. The only solution is to carefully grind the affected area with a dremel or similar (if anyone is interested, I can supply photographic evidence of the fault) also, no barrel adjuster included